A note from our founder

Ohio Friends began when five people with herpes wanted to meet others in the Cleveland area. Four of our founders have moved on with their lives as many who find this group do. As for me, Ohio Friends is an answer to a prayer I’m still thankful for after 19 years.  I’m dedicated to seeing that this group and website are here for others in Ohio whose lives have been affected by one or more of these viruses.  

You’ve come to the right place. You are not alone. Ohio Friends is a group full of people loving and living their lives to the fullest with herpes and/or HPV. After joining Ohio Friends, they’ve gotten married, had babies, divorced, cried, laughed, dated, danced, and traveled, with life long friends they’ve met along the way. 

Ohio Friends has been around for 19 years; during that time we have had many members come and go. They all began like you…nervous about walking into their first event; worried about telling their partner they have herpes; fearing rejection and losing someone they really care about because they couldn’t tell them. When you meet our members you’ll wonder why everyone is smiling. All of us together in one room is  powerful medicine! Join us and find your smile again.

 After joining us you will learn about this virus and how to protect your partner and yourself. You will grow stronger with time, learn to forgive and move on with your life.  As a member you’re able to see and talk to others who understand, who’ve been where you’re at now. They’ll tell you how it was for them and encourage you to take a chance, to date again, to love again. If things don’t work out, Ohio Friends is here to catch you when you fall and when things work out, our cheers and hugs will surround you. Welcome.   

 Paula Petals

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Welcome to Ohio Friends!

 Welcome to Ohio Friends; we’re glad you found us!

Ohio Friends is a statewide social, support group for those with Herpes and/or HPV (human papillomavirus).  We’ve been part of the worldwide H community since 1999. The H community is made up of groups just like this one with dating sites throughout the United States. The Ohio Friends mission  as a group has been to provide friendship, activities and support to those affected by these viruses. We are a multi-cultural group; our membership is open to everyone. Ohio Friends is run by volunteers who plan and host our events. When planning functions, members work to ensure your privacy and that events are held in a safe environment.     
The Ohio Friends calendar will list upcoming events, but for you to receive details such as time and location you will need to subscribe to our newsletter. Members receive a monthly newsletter that gives details on upcoming events within Ohio as well as neighboring states. 

Ohio Friends is a close association of equals who share a gift we can’t return. Welcome!