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Organize & Add an Event to our Calendar:

Ohio Friends is going through a transition period and we’re starting over with new members hosting events for the first time. Most of our events are held in the Columbus area. But we expect Cleveland,
 Akron, Cincinnati, and Dayton to step up in a few months. Any member can organize and host an 
event; Even you!  We have members all over Ohio, so no matter where you host your event members will show up! All you need to do is plan your activity then contact Sherry our Social Director and
 fill her in. Sherry will offer advice to make your gathering successful and help you find co-hosts and will also notify the group through our monthly newsletter that you’re planning something special. 


Upcoming events

Other than our Support Group, there are no details listed on our website about events; this is to
ensure the privacy of our members. Event details will be sent to you, via e-mail, once Ohio Friends has received your RSVP. Note: if there are no RSVP's, the event will be cancelled. Complete event details are given to members through our newsletter. Join us!