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Membership Guidelines

■ Ohio Friends is a social support organization for  anyone with herpes or HPV.  Our purpose is to provide a relaxed environment of fun and friendship.
■Although we have no ban on picture taking, please use discretion when taking pictures. DO NOT TAKE PICTURES AT RANDOM. Please ASK first whether a member is interested in having their picture taken or not. 

■ Ohio Friends is a social, support group; we direct you to reliable educational websites and if you need counseling we can point you in the right direction; OPEN DISCUSSION OF HERPES OR HPV IS DISCOURAGED AT ANY EVENT, especially at events in public places. If a new member raises the subject, please keep the discussion private and discreet. 

■Guests may be invited to events designated as “ open event” in the monthly newsletter. The person hosting the function determines designation. There should be no open discussion of herpes or HPV at any “open” event.. Most of our events are closed.
open event- a member can bring a guest that does not know about the group
closed event- members only
■ If you are interested in seeing someone in the group socially, outside of group events, it is your responsibility to ask them for their phone number. OHIO FRIENDS takes no responsibility for relationships developed through participation in the group.
■ If you have an idea for an event, please contact the Social Coordinator. However, your help to organize the event and/or host would be appreciated.
■ Access to the mailing and phone lists is limited to the Ohio Friends Executive Board ONLY. 

■ Members are required to RSVP for events. If there are no RSVPs, the event may be cancelled. 
 . . 
■ Any illegal activity at an official Ohio Friends function is cause for immediate expulsion. The use or possession of any illegal substance at an Ohio Friends sanctioned event will result in the immediate expulsion of the parties involved. 

■ Violence or harassment towards a member, prospective member, or a member’s guest at an Ohio Friends sanctioned event will result in the immediate expulsion of the members involved. Inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to; lewd conduct, public intoxication, indecent exposure and public sex will result in the suspension or permanent removal from the group. 

■  Since 1999 Ohio Friends has never had to suspend or permanently remove any member. 
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