Secret Facebook Groups

Did you know that there are hundreds of secret local, state-wide, and national Facebook groups that contain thousands of people living and dating with herpes and HPV?    These groups include support-based information. local meet-ups, national events, and even singles dating groups.

Secret Facebook Groups have the most privacy of all the available FB groups. Secret groups only exist to the members of the group.  They are not searchable nor show up anywhere for others to find.  They are not even accessible via direct link.

Secret groups act as their own container within Facebook.  Nothing posted in the group is accessible outside of the group.  In other words, your regular friends will not see any of your activity within the group.  They will not even know you are a member unless they are also.

Access to a secret HSV Facebook group is by referral, only.  A member of the group must add you to the group.  The member must be on your friends list to do this.  Depending on the group, an administrator must approve any new members.  For these reasons, secret Facebook groups are the most difficult to join.


How to gain access

If you are interested in joining these groups, please use the contact form on this website, or send a text message requesting access to (614) 706-1424.  If you are not local to Ohio, we can still assist you with connecting you to the right people.  Ohio friends works with different organizations across the continental United States.


Facebook Herpes Group etiquette

When joining a Facebook herpes group, it is very important to realize that the members are real people using their real Facebook page.  Due to the nature of the group, a certain etiquette is expected unless otherwise expressed in the group’s description.

Some of the most common expectations are:

  • Respect the privacy of others.
  • Most members use their real profiles in a Facebook herpes group.  Some groups will not even approve potential members with very few friends or no activity on their profiles.  Discretion and the respect of privacy for others is mandatory.
  • Be nice.
  • Bullying, being very distracting or just plain annoying are not usually tolerated.


Know the context of the group

Not all groups revolve around dating.  Some hidden groups exist for a particular reason such as HSV/HPV support, or event information.  Many people seek out the hidden support groups when newly diagnosed, as it helps them to know they are not alone. Understanding the context of each group you join is important.  In most cases the context of the group and rules for posting, can be found in the group’s description.  I you are uncertain about the context of a group you’ve joined, please ask a group administrator for more information.